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Parental Ignorance Passed On - Couch Therapy

About Parental Ignorance Passed On

Previous Entry Parental Ignorance Passed On Oct. 15th, 2005 @ 01:35 pm
I was one of the children raised by a drunk and a drop-out and felt the collision of their worlds.

I was the child watching her mom travel in and out of many drunken relationships.

I was the teen taken advantage of and have memories that never die.

I was the teen without any bounderies that didn't have family talks about the future.

We were the young, falling in love, or was it obsession?, without a clue to where it was going.

We were young parents that lacked communication, and social skills, that put us on a long, sometimes very hard road to adulthood.

We are the parents that tried to show our children that their voice was important, and had it used against us at times.

We are the parents that tried to stay strong while supporting our young adult's overwhelmingly hard decision that was made out of a frightened frame of mind? anxiety? selfishness? lack of confidence? unaccepted reality? Ours, hers, his, all?

We are the parents that are told "It's the least you could do, as parents" and wonder if that pressure was something that all parents feel.

We are the parents that have done our best, which includes the times when we fought, gave in, gave up, forgiven, forgot.

I am the woman that knows I cannot change what has been done but am reminded every day that I should have done things differently.
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